We live in the high speed and hyperinformation era and this is something inevitable in the IT society. Phrases like 'Google it' have settled in our everyday way of speaking. This indicates the extent of usability and practicality that search engines have on the internet market. For better or for worse, to avoid malicious and anti-competitive practices and for the optimal functioning of both, some rules of good practice that we all must follow and apply, have been established.

Nowadays, from a spaceship to a microwave or even a cell phone, pretty much everything we use on a
regular basis runs on a CPU (Central processing unit) using a software, designed and implemented to be
as intuitive and reliable as possible and human-computer interaction is the science that made it possible.
From a home cook with no experience in computing, to use his over-equipped kitchen to helping and
supporting humans in a field such as aviation and medicine, where human errors can be catastrophically,
sadly often leading to human losses.