Patroklos Papadakis





My first meeting with Emma was back in 2011 to create my personal website. Professional, friendly and creative, she helped me realize my needs and how to fit on web. They always listen to me carefully and gave me enough time to discuss all I wanted. Back in 2016 they redesigned my website into something new, fresh and responsive to mobile devices. Always there to help me, like professional friends who really care, Emma and Digital Beings' team are a great way to reach your goals, fast and professional. I recommend them to people who need a well run site, beautifully designed and friendly to visitors.


Mr. Patroklos Papadakis studied Psychology at the School of Social, Economic & Political Sciences of the University of Crete. He then specialised -both academically and professionally-  in the fields of "Business Psychology", "Ways of enhancing mental health in work environments", as well as in subjects such as the "Internet addiction", at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.