NFC Business Cards

What we did

  • Design
  • Choose an NFC tag
  • Program NFC tag



Stand out from the crowd with NFC Business Cards!

Tired of carrying around stacks of traditional business cards?
Say goodbye to the old and hello to the future with NFC technology!

Unlock endless possibilities with a tap! 

NFC business cards revolutionize networking by allowing you to share your contact information seamlessly.

Just tap your card to a smartphone, and voila! 

Go green and reduce waste! Say farewell to printing, and embrace the digital era. With NFC cards, you'll save trees while staying connected. 
Make lasting impressions that stick! Stand out in a sea of cards by showcasing your tech-savvy and forward-thinking mindset. Be the innovator your network needs!

Measure your impact! Track likes, comments, and shares to gauge engagement. With NFC business cards, you'll witness increased interactions and connections like never before. 

Make the switch today! Join the NFC revolution and leave a lasting impression with every tap. Connect with the future of networking! 


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