Walid Azak - Website

What we did

  • Web Design,
  • Web Development,
  • Drupal 8, 
  • Video integration,
  • Internationalisation: 3 languages website,
  • On-site SEO in German/French and English.

The Context

Walid Azak is a French-Tunisian stand-up comedian & actor living in Austria! He is also a rapper and a banker during day-time, also known as "Weiza" from the band Mizgebonez. He needed a portfolio website, presenting him, his shows and what the press has said about him and his work. 


Walid Azak Portrait


Challenges & Objectives

  • Creating a minimal website, in 3 languages: French/English and German for the polyglot comedian and actor. 
  • Creating an easy-to update system for the "Shows" section of the website, since Walid is an avid showman.

The Solution

A very personal, minimal and easy to navigate responsive website, with discreet reminders of its owner everywhere on the website (from a graphic design point of view), integrating social media used by the artist, as well as a rich collection of pictures and videos featuring him. We have also created a Newsletter feature for people interested in following more closely the performer Walid Azak.

The colours chosen and the entire identity of the website were willingly chosen so as to be "provocative" and not to be conservative, in order to remind that Walid Azak is a revolutionary being, calling people to "stand-up"! ;) 


Walid Azak portfolio website homepage image
Image of Walid Azak's personal website Homepage