Plastiras Haircode - Website

What we did

  • Web Design,
  • Web Development,
  • Drupal 7, 
  • Video integration,
  • Custom made hair needs form/quizz,
  • Web Copy.

The Context

We were asked by Plastiras Haircode salon to conceive a website which would reflect their multi-faceted character. First, we needed to sum-up all the services they offer, knowing that there are lots of them and that they address a multiple target audience. 

They have a Women department, a Men & Children department operating from the same spot. Underneath the same roof, they also have and run a retail spot where someone can find products non-available elsewhere on the Greek market, as well as a contemporaneous barber shop. 

Challenges & Objectives

  • Sum-up all the services, 
  • Sum-up all the brands represented and sold within the retail spot, 
  • Underline the skills of the numerous staff, 
  • Combine and "marry" the different horizontal divisions: well-being services, hair salon services, make-up services, products' retail, barber shop, personalised hair consulting on demand. 

The Solution

We've created a minimal and responsive website, in complete adequation with the brand's character, reflecting all the services of the salon. In order to introduce people to more elaborated hair services, we've created a custom-made form working as a multiple-choice quizz which they can fill-in online. Allowing the salon to provide them with a personalised set of solutions concerning the needs of her hair.