Patroklos Papadakis

What we did

  • Web Design,
  • Web Development,
  • Drupal 8, 
  • Video integration,
  • YouTube integration,
  • Blog creation and integration.

The Context

Patroklos Papadakis is an energetic psychologist and therapist. We had already created for him his first professional website in 2011.

We undertook the creation of his second website when we had to redesign it in order to make it responsive to all smart-mobile-devices. We also tried combining that with the necessity of upgrading the used version of the Drupal CMS -indeed the one used by his previous website, was Drupal 6- with the release of Drupal 8.


Psychologist Patroklos Papadakis portrait picture
Mr. Patroklos Papadakis, Psychologist during a TV show on MEGA Channel TV

Challenges & Objectives

  • Creating a user-friendly personal website, with an integrated Blog, and a presentation of all the psychologist's collaborators. 
  • Integrating Mr. Papadakis' TV and Radio shows appearances.
  • Disqus commenting system integration. 

The Solution

Mr. Papadakis wanted us to create a website incorporating all of the above, that would mainly address mobile devices' users. He also insisted on us creating an easy to use commenting system for his blog posts, with a moderation system in order for him to be able to seamlessly moderate comments left by his readers to avoid any ethics problem.