Prem Sukhi - Metamorphosis Centre

What we did

  • Web Design,
  • Web Development,
  • Drupal 8, 
  • Blender 3D (v. 2.79) Animation,
  • Video integration,
  • YouTube integration,
  • Blog creation and integration, 
  • Copy, 
  • Photography.

The Context

Prem Sukhi is an alternative therapist as well as personal motivational coach. She is in the process of launching her own business, a multi-disciplinary Centre where she will be able -in collaboration with many other professionals- to deliver specially elaborated self-improvement programmes. She needed a custom-made website so as to highlight her many skills as well as personal experience, which would also reflect the Centre's activities. 

Homepage image

Challenges & Objectives

  • Creating a user-friendly personal website, with an integrated Blog, integrating video and 3D animation to enhance the visitors' experience on-site,
  • Presenting all present and future partners,  
  • Integrating the Metamorphosis Centre's services and seminars,
  • Creating a Testimonials system so as to highlight the added value and real life benefits of Prem Sukhi's programme.

The Solution

Prem Sukhi wanted us to create a website which would look minimal and "light"; for it to be pleasant to navigate on. However, in terms of content and features we had to be creative in order for the website to really look minimal. We had to be thorough on the structure and sections of the website to avoid "over-loading" it -at least in terms of navigation. The web design is aiming at making the experience of the reader pretty enjoyable.

In terms of responsive design, mobile devices' users will find it pretty satisfying too. 

The website breaths in colour and varied geometrical shapes; it aspires towards serenity. It seamlessly integrates video, which in terms of content enhances the personal touch Prem Sukhi wanted her website to contain. It is not merely an institutional website -behind which "hides" someone-, but someone's with a strong personality website which at the same time promotes the institution behind it. 

It is committed to become THE tool and platform of a community of people willing to bring self transformation into other people's lives.