C. Karagiannis Postcards

What we did

  • Graphic design, 
  • Material/paper choice, 
  • Printing supervision.

The Context

In the frame of a Photography event and exhibition attended by professionals of the industry, Christina Karagiannis wanted to be able to offer the visitors stopping-by at her stand something that would be representative of herself and her work, and that wouldn't land in the bin -as usually, since all material collected from the various stands in an exhibition, does land in the bin before the visitor even exits the building. She wished that "something" to be something small, that people would find an interest and a utility in keeping. Something which at the same time, would convey the visitors the message of what she is presently doing the most: that is to say Gastronomy photography, Wedding photography and Travel photography. 

Photographer Christina Karagiannis postcards

Challenges & Objectives

Use paper to create the desired application, whilst at the same time avoiding the clichés of posters, booklets or brochures which never reach the home of the person who attended the show/exhibition etc. For that, we needed a small-sized application, to allow people to be able to store it easily in a handbag, notebook or even in a book -used as a bookmark even.

The Solution

This is how we came up with the idea of designing her a double-sided personalised postcard. The same postcard comes with two different "back" sides, in order to illustrate Christina's work more eloquently using a minimum of space.

  • Christina Karagiannis postcard - front side with services
  • Christina Karagiannis postcard - back side 1
  • Christina Karagiannis postcard - back side 2