Farm + Logo

What we did

  • Logo Design, 
  • Other logo applications design i.e. drone stickers.

The context

We needed to create an original logo for Farm +, the division of a French larger group called FGM International. 

Farm plus logo image

Challenges & Objectives

The logo had to evoke the spirit of the main group "FGM International" and remind of its activity (IT applied to Agriculture, as a monitoring tool). It also had to remain coherent, when put next to the logo of the other division of the group, called "Expert Farmer". 

The Solution

An interesting and very fresh set of colours, evoking the tech aspect of the company (using dirty yellow). Allied to a roundish hand-drawn and worked minimal typo, for the work "farm". We made the choice of avoiding caps in the logo, to remind the young and dynamic character of the company. The addition of the tagline, seemed necessary so as to underline the company's operating under the FGM Group. 

We also created a series of other applications for this logo, such as stickers used on the drones flying over the large scale farms in order to map the territories and cultivated fields.


farm plus PC sticker