C. Karagiannis Logo

What we did

  • Logo design,
  • Watermark,
  • e-signature.

The Context

Christina Karagiannis is a Vienna based photographer with an international career and clientele. She needed a minimal logo to represent her minimal personality. That would at the same time, be easily adaptable so as to become her pictures' watermark, without looking like a usual, stereotyped watermark. Something both elegant and eloquent. 

Christina Karagiannis working taking Gastronomy pics


Challenges & Objectives

Create something original that wouldn't look like a common watermark. Something that wouldn't remind all the stereotypes about photography -using the camera's objective or a raw camera. After managing doing that, we also had to create the watermarks per se, and the photographer's e-signature and other applications in order for her to be able to personalise all of her social media accounts, since she is an avid user of those. 

Christina Karagiannis portrait
Christina Karagiannis, photo credits: Anastasia Karagiannis

  Christina Karagiannis photography Abstract picture


The Solution

Christina Karagiannis' new logo is an elegant solution, which "plays" with both the initial "C" of her name and the camera's shutter. It stands very well alone, in white or black, and allows a flexible use as a watermark on the photographer's pictures.